Entertainment Matters

           Why are there so many artists in exile? Think about this question; take in the totality the meaning of what it means to be a refugee from your home country for making art. All too often when tyranny arises, artists, writers, musicians, and performers find themselves at odds with the tyrant – like any person who has a differing political view. So, why do tyrants seek to eradicate the creators? These people can tap into those things that define humanity. They are capable of coding messages into the fabric of their work which cannot, on a cursory glance, be recognized. This is why the church demonized performers; why music and art had to be screened by censors. It is why the McCarthy hearings targeted the entertainment industry. There is an inherent fear/distrust, by those in power, of those individuals who can communicate with the soul of humanity. They believe that if you are not working directly under their control, then you are the enemy.

           Don’t believe it? Think back, if you are old enough to remember this, to when television shows and radio broadcasts were called programs. Words matter. Through indirect means, entertainment is used to create subtle indoctrinations of its audience. The concepts of “white hats and black hats,” how a poor person behaves and what they look like, how casual racism, misogyny, abuse is forgivable if the individual is loveable, or laughable, are products of entertainment’s programming.

            All too often, somebody says that “so and so is just a product of their time,” but why has this person – who is a living breathing entity capable of change – not moved forward? Think about the depiction of villains in most major forms of entertainment. How often does this person have a foreign accent, or is a person of color?

            There is power in creation. This blog examines entertainment, particularly theatre. I am providing you with my opinions and views from up in the affordable seating area. Grab a beverage. And I sincerely hope that you will enjoy the show.

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