• Delirium – Trapped in his home, and his mind, Charles doesn’t know what is real or who to trust.
  • The Dahl House – A house with a history and families fighting for their future collide in this thriller.
  • Crossroads Manor – Trapped in the nation’s most haunted house, supernatural investigators try to find the source of the paranormal, and someone is trying to get away with murder.


  • War – War ravages Mount Olympus. Gender is the battle line. Aphrodite and Hephaestus are at with the war and each other
  • Rockwood, Agent of the Railroad – The blueprint for America is drawn in blood in this old west anthology.
  • Everyone Loves a Show – A crumbling marriage is nothing to scoff at even though it too often becomes other peoples’ entertainment.
  • Voix de Ville – A variety show giving the people a voice.
  • Trojan Women – Our history is based on perception. We hear what we want to hear.
  • Nocturne – A first date that goes criminally wrong.


  • Oh, for the Love of Fruitcake – Birthdays around the holidays are tough. Imagine being in love with an ambitious elf and your birthday is on the eve of Christmas Eve.
  • Butterscotch isn’t for Everyone – A happy couple tries to hook up their single friend with the right elf, but not everyone has the same tastes.

Canon Fodder

  • The 11fth Commandment – Malvolio’s revenge.
  • The Devil of Rome – War is hell. See the events that lead to bloody peace in Titus Andronicus.
  • The Rise of Caesar, part 1 – Pompey and Julius fight for the future of Rome.
  • The Rise of Caesar, part 2 – Peace reigns, but assassins’ knives are sharpening.
  • The Rise of Caesar, part 3 – The birth of an Empire.
  • Hamlet – An Autopsy – All are dead. In that undiscovered country see what remains human.

The Appalachian Cycle

  • Still Driven – Follow this new tale of John Henry’s rise to folk hero
  • Clover Bottom – The Clay Family set up a homestead in the path of the Shawnee Nation