These plays will be available on the New Play Exchange


  • Delirium – Trapped in his home, and his mind, Charles doesn’t know what is real or who to trust.
  • The Dahl House – A house with a history and families fighting for their future collide in this supernatural thriller.


  • War – War ravages Mount Olympus. Gender is the battle line. Aphrodite and Hephaestus are at odds with the war and each other
  • Everyone Loves a Show – A crumbling marriage is nothing to scoff , but too often it becomes other peoples’ source of entertainment.
  • Voix de Ville – A variety show giving the people a voice.
  • Trojan Women – Our history is based on perception. We hear what we want to hear.
  • Nocturne – A first date that goes criminally wrong.


  • Oh, for the Love of Fruitcake – Birthdays around the holidays are tough. Imagine being in love with an ambitious elf and your birthday is on the eve of Christmas Eve.
  • Butterscotch isn’t for Everyone – A happy couple tries to hook up their single friend with the right elf, but not everyone has the same tastes.
  • Grantham Manor – Trapped in the nation’s most haunted house, supernatural investigators try to find the source of the paranormal, and someone in the group is trying to get away with murder.

Canon Fodder

  • The 11fth Commandment – Malvolio’s threat of revenge is real.
  • The Devil of Rome – War is hell. See the events that lead to bloody peace in Titus Andronicus.
  • The Rise of Caesar, part 1 – Pompey and Julius fight for the future of Rome.
  • The Rise of Caesar, part 2 – Peace reigns, but assassins’ knives are sharpening.
  • The Rise of Caesar, part 3 – The birth of an Empire.
  • Hamlet – An Autopsy – All are dead. In that undiscovered country see what remains human.

The Appalachian Cycle

  • Still Driven – Follow this adaptation of John Henry’s rise to American folk hero status.
  • Clover Bottom – The Clay family set-up a homestead in the path of the Shawnee nation.